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Wooden Hairbrushes

We are delighted and excited to announce our partnership with the Valentino Salon, an exclusive hair care salon based in London, to develop a range of wooden brushes along with associated wet products. Both of our teams have been pouring our heart and souls into the design and development of each product to ensure we have the perfect tools for your hair care.

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Each one is made from a single piece of the finest quality sustainably sourced teak wood, our brushes massage your scalp, increasing blood flow whilst protecting hair follicles. This helps to to distribute the naturally occurring sebum oils and reduces scalp dryness and dandruff, leaving shinier, healthier and more manageable hair. Ideal for all hair types, our brushes promote the health of both your scalp and hair by creating and maintaining an optimal environment for hair growth. They are hand finished using a blend of natural oils formulated to withstand heat and moisture.