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About us

We are an eco-driven manufacturer of high-end affordable wooden eyewear, homeware and haircare products as well as fashion accessories made from upcycled flip flop waste. In everything we do we constantly seek to support the urgent necessity of saving our planet by pursuing new sustainable manufacturing solutions and disruption of environmentally harmful practices with stylish and enjoyable products.

Parkville was founded five years ago by two Dutch brothers from London determined to fight the use of plastics and other non-biodegradable waste in manufacturing that pollutes our environment by making innovative eco-friendly products of unrivalled quality and price. 

We initially set out to produce high-end sustainable wooden sunglasses in response to the ecological threat of the hundreds of millions of largely plastic sunglasses sold every year around the world that are never recycled and can’t biodegrade. Our wooden sunglasses are uniquely made from single pieces of wood as opposed to layers of wood held together by harmful adhesives. 
From there we developed a range of high quality affordable wooden furniture and homeware accessories, both ready made and flat pack, as well as teaming up with the renowned Valentino Hair Salon in London’s Kensington to develop an innovative range of hairbrushes under the Valentino brand made from sustainably sourced teak wood and featuring unique rounded maplewood bristles set in natural anti-static rubber. 

Parkville recently started a pioneering collection and recycling programme to address a global eco-crisis much less widely known than that caused by plastics, which is the large scale pollution caused by the non-biodegradable waste from discarded flip flops, the world’s most popular and affordable footwear worn by some 3 billion people worldwide. Flip flop waste clogs oceans, beaches and waterways, thus blocking access to breeding grounds and killing marine life. We collect this waste in cooperation with local partners and upcycle it fully cleaned, sanded down, sanitised and refreshed to produce an innovative range of high quality affordable sunglasses, necklaces and other colourful fashion accessories under our FlipYarn brand. We also intend to develop several FlipYarn homeware and industrial applications as well as host eco-driven workshops, community engagements and sustainability experiences.

We proudly make all of our products in our own factory in Colombo, Sri Lanka, a country known for its beautiful ecology, skilled workforce, wonderful culture and warmly welcoming people. All our wood is ethically sourced locally and for every Parkville product sold we plant a tree in partnership with Trees for the Future, the non-profit organisation helping communities around the world to plant trees and replenish their natural resources. We incentivise recycling of discarded flip flops for our FlipYarn production process by paying collection fees to people working with us in waste sorting and collecting, thus contributing to the socio-economic wellbeing of directly affected communities.